Online with the Tax Office cash registers and POS

The online connection of cash registers with taxisnet, but also of POS of electronic payments, will be implemented in 2021, as AADE, despite the pandemic, has decided to complete this year the electronic interconnection of business accounting with the Tax Office.

The aim is to combat tax evasion and more effective cross-checks, but this presupposes that receipts are cut and payments are made electronically.

The implementation of the project will be implemented within 2021 and especially in the spring, provided that the pandemic has stopped and the economy in the economy has been restored, even in part. The goal is to complete the project in the spring so that it will be fully implemented by July.

In order to implement the AADE project, the old cash registers, which do not have the possibility of interconnection with Taxisnet, for which an extension has been issued until March 31, 2021, must be replaced, but also the mandatory completion must begin from April 1, 2021. of e-books. Both obligations have been extended due to the pandemic.

Online receipts

Regarding the receipts, the AADE plan provides that, every receipt that will be issued will be automatically passed and recorded in the e-book of the company that will operate in myData.

Along with cash registers, they will be connected to myData and electronic payment machines, POS. The goal is to have a double guarantee that all transactions will be recorded in the books of each company.

With a time delay
However, the entry of receipts in the electronic portion (my Data) that will be kept by each professional, will not be done so automatically, but with some delay.

The delay in sending the receipts will be proportional to the risk of tax evasion of each professional team, and will start from 15 minutes and will reach up to 24 hours.

According to the plan of AADE, the times of sending the receipts to myData, which will be kept in taxisnet are the following:

  1. Catering establishments, bars, nightclubs, barbershops, hairdressers, beauty salons, weight loss institutes and car repair shops will be connected, through their upgraded cash registers, to the TAXIS system and will be required to send data to the system. will issue at intervals of 15 to 30 minutes.
  2. Small, medium and large retail companies will send, through their own upgraded cash registers, the data of the issued receipts in more sparse time intervals, which will range from 6 to 8 hours.
  3. Retailers of products in public markets, due to the special conditions of their activity, will be allowed to send the data of the receipts they issue every 24 hours.