Cloud application development

We create custom applications, tools for your business

We develop specialized Cloud applications that operate remotely and on multiple systems simultaneously depending on the needs of each project separately.

The software development team of Seldi Group follows all the procedures from the recording of the requirements until the final delivery and installation of the project and is constantly by your side with constant support. An application without maintenance and upgrade soon ends up not being used and abandoned as the requirements are constantly growing. As Seldi Group we are constantly by your side, to provide new upgrades when needed so that the applications always work according to your new needs, with perfect support and speed.

Specialized Cloud applications run remotely and in many computing environments depending on the application. For applications that run only on one computer locally at a time, go here: Application development


We always use modern technologies and modern design so that the application is compatible with the environment in which it will be installed. We follow all the steps, from the analysis of the requirements of the application to the design of the environment, the development of the code and testing in order to achieve an excellent result for your real needs.


As with all technologies, reliability is very important. Reliability means that the application works according to your expectations, without unexpected interruptions in its use, data loss and delays. We test our applications at every stage of their development to make sure our software works perfectly.


An application for professionals has no future without proper support. That is why we provide support and we are by your side from the first day of our cooperation to provide solutions, to have the appropriate feedback and to proceed to the appropriate upgrades so that the application is in line with your new needs.


We place great emphasis on the security of your application against data theft and loss. We use automated backups, encryption and security protocols for maximum security and test each application for potential threats during its development period that may occur later in the real environment.