UpSales ERP
Commercial program

Integrated Application of Commercial Management, Pricing, Warehouse Management and Financial Transactions for small and medium enterprises.

It is aimed at dynamically developing companies in which the owner easily wants to have full control of his financial data and his warehouse.

UpSales has a direct interface with the input-output system and is the ideal solution for all gas stations.

A complete program that supports the modern professional, without high costs.

UpSales is always up to date with the new legislation, as well as new features designed to facilitate users.


  • It was created with the aim of reducing the financial and labor costs of small and medium enterprises.
  • Designed to offer convenience to the user, regardless of computer knowledge level.
  • Minimal moves are required in all operations to increase the efficiency of the business.
  • Developed with state-of-the-art technology.
  • The most modern programming tools offer flexibility and customization to the needs of every business.
  • It includes management of customers, suppliers, items, services, warehouse, sales, purchases, receipts, payments, securities.
  • Transfers sales, purchase, financial records to a number of accounting applications, reducing the work of accountants and minimizing human error in their registration.
  • Exports files of Monthly Statements of Customers, Suppliers and Transactions ready for sending to the General Secretariat of Information Systems.
  • Offers direct connection to tax mechanisms for the issuance of retail receipts.
  • Transfers the movements of sales, purchases, receipts, payments by connecting the most well-known accounting programs on the market.
  • It is the most economical on the market.
  • Connected to most inlet-outlet systems of petrol stations.
  • It has the most economical Release (annual cost).
  • Facilitates accountants with the sending of documents to accounting programs.
  • Reduces the cost of registration hours and eliminates errors by accounting staff.
  • It is ready to send any data requested to the GIS (TAXISNET).
  • It is easily upgraded from the Internet without the cost of a technician visit.
  • If connected to a tax mechanism, it also works for retail sale.

The main competitive advantages of the commercial application are:

  • Easy operation through a window environment.
  • Fast Operation as it requires minimal resources from the operating system.
  • Detailed Reports and Prints that offer an overview of your business.
  • Low Cost and Fast Time to Learn the Application.
  • Elegant and Relaxing environment.