Our company started as an idea in 2012 with a central mission, to offer in the changing Greek market integrated software systems, state-of-the-art technologies, to upgrade the existing market landscape and to increase the value of the companies that will trust us. With systematic work with a plan and goals we created our company a little while later.

From the first day of the establishment of Seldi Group, we put all our energy into creating innovative solutions for various business sectors and created a large number of products. Most of these projects involved gas stations and retail stores. The response was great and our initial success follows. We continued with the creation of specialized systems for butcher shops and restaurants. We emphasized the installation and upgrading of the equipment we provide and sale, with the aim of reliability and improvement of our systems, something we continue to do, so that customers are supplied with the latest possible technology.

In 2020, despite the negative market landscape, we decided to invest even more in the creation of new products and systems as well as in supporting our customers by hiring new people with excellent education and experience. As Seldi Group we believe in the ongoing development of ourselves and our customers and we are never complacent. We have as a mentality the finding of solutions at every level and at every point.