Integrated Butchery
Management System

Under the new provisions, your cash register should indicate your product’s designation of origin. This means that the receipt will indicate the full name of the item, the pounds and the price per kilogram.

This can be accomplished either by programing your cash register and matching your scales accordingly (Required personnel, costs in time), either by using the appropriate program (using a computer and a barcode). For both ways, if you are interested, we can guide you appropriately and financially.

The Butchery Management System Smart Retail is the ideal solution for small, medium and large butchers of one and more cash registers. It covers all the company’s cash registers requirements and intensive retail.

Provides BarcodeScanner, touch screen, easy price adjustment, simple stock keeping, critical item ordering limit, customer hold, or transaction hold, full management of items, shifts, sales / funds / items / users reports.

In addition, it provides the possibility of interconnection with the cash register (with compatible versions) and a tax mechanism, export of Z to an electronic file for dispatch to services-accountant, and finally the possibility for module: Collection – Change, Front Display etc., Installation and customization services.

"Our software is not just a software for butchers, it is an assistant who provides you with substantial knowledge and convenience for managing your business."

The basic edition includes:

  • Connection with electronic scales
  • Send prices and products to the electronic scales
  • Reading weighted products via barcode or directly from the scales.
  • In the case of price increases, it is NOT necessary presence of technician
    to change the price to cash / balance. It happens automatically.
  • Recipes (Pork Roll, Chicken Roll, etc.)
  • Synthesis of Products (Sausages, Suzhoukakia, Burger etc.)
  • Sales management
  • Stock management
  • Cost-Expense Management
  • Touchscreen
  • Multiple ways of payment
  • Multiple users with easy rotation
  • Species management
  • Search for a species in multiple ways
  • Manage multiple price lists by type
  • Discount policy
  • Display that shows the final value, the amount receivable and the change
  • Cash register Tracking – Cash register Delivery
  • Managing shift gauges
  • Sales statistics

Optionally includes:

  • Customer – Supplier Management
  • Shopping Management
  • Collections – Payments Management
  • Order Limit – Safety Limit
  • Track receipts and inventory management
  • Displaying items with graphics
  • Loyalty Card, Member Card
  • Personal Cards, etc.