Gas output management system

Seldi Group with many years of experience in the construction of systems for gas stations, presents LPG-RETAIL.

The LPG-RETAIL for LPG pump systems or for vehicle fleet control systems, is the ideal solution to operate your gas station in accordance with current legislation. The gas output system was designed based on the current legislation but also from the real needs of a gas station, such as the connection to a ERP program, light signs, security cameras, etc.

LPG-RETAIL is designed with an emphasis on detail and is constantly being developed & upgraded based on customer needs. With LPG-RETAIL you can manage gas pumps, tanks, vending machines, employees and corporate customers and the vehicle fleet, as well as print retail receipts and balances.

For more features, see also the SFUEL Gas input-output system. Or contact us for more information.




Adaptors USB-RS485 or RS232-RS485


The system is constantly being upgraded, so more controllers can be supported.
For more information please contact us.


Basic functions:

  • Price change in pumps
  • Continuous control of pump sales
  • Shift Closing & Shift History
  • Totalizers monitoring
  • Recording of transactions per nozzle and per product
  • Pump lock (all or selectively)
  • Monitoring of customer reward systems (bonus card – loyalty systems)
  • Monitoring of receipts and stocks of tanks
  • Connection with fuel probes, etc.

Management of:

  • LPG pumps
  • Reservoirs
  • Retail Receipts
  • Balances
  • Automatic fuel pumps
  • Employees and Corporate Customers
  • Fleet of vehicles