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What is a loyalty

A loyalty program is a marketing strategy designed to encourage customers to continue shopping or using the services of a business associated with the program.

Today, such programs cover most types of commerce, each with different characteristics and schemes of rewards, including banking, entertainment, hospitality, retail, and travel.

A loyalty program involves the operator of a specific program creating an account for a customer associated with the program and then issuing the customer a reward card (called a reward card, points card, or other name) that is plastic, visually similar. with a credit card and identifies the cardholder.

"The Smart Point system is not just another software for retail stores. It is a great marketing technique to maximize your business profits."

How do we implement it?

The Seldi Group Smart Point system is based on four main pillars. All four pillars create a complete customer loyalty system consisting of different tools, which lead to repetitive customer behavior, export of statistics and enhance the business image of the market.

Our system consists of the following tools.

Smart Cards

Personalized customer cards with Barcode or RFID. They are the tool for interacting with customers.

Reward Tools

Includes all modern tools for rewarding and loyal customers. Adaptation to the needs of the company.

CRM Tools

Integrates all modern functions of Marketing, communication & customer retention.

Operation Tools

It presents you with all the data for making decisions concerning your business.

Member Card

The most basic tool!

The Smart Member Card is the main element with which the customer is in constant contact. The card is used to credit or use the customer’s points.

Unique Design

Customer grouping, selection of reward programs, different rights and features.

Specialized Privileges

It is essentially an advertisement for your business.


The necessary customer database is created immediately without errors & losses.

Brand Building

The Brand of your business is effectively built without direct correlation with the products sold.

Reward Tools

Customer reward tool!

Rewarding tools aim at the feeling of customer satisfaction on the one hand, but also provide the professional with speed in the whole process.

Point System

Complete Points – Redemption System.
Per transaction / value / quantity /
combination / product / customer / team and so on.
According to your needs.

Offers & Discounts

Configuration of Offers & Discounts
for Members / Products / Combination of Products / Customer group / with time limit and so on.

Groups & Pyramids

Customer grouping
for different privileges / discounts / membership levels / pyramids / aggregate points etc.

Gift Vouchers & Ordinances

Issuance of Gift Certificates / Ordinances / Discounts
Coupons / Gift Cards etc.

Draws & Competitions

Creating targeted Draws,
Competitions, Promotions with specialized criteria & conditions.

CRM Tools

Organization & management tools!

Customer relationship management (CRM) software is used to manage the customer base but also for fast & effective interaction with customers.

SMS Campaigns

Campaign Creation & Implementation
Send SMS for offers, holidays,
information, competitions and so on.

E-Mail Campaigns

Campaign Creation & Implementation
Send E-Mail for newsletter, offers,
holidays, information, competitions and so on.

Full Reports & Stats

Complete Customer Statistics & Reports
by purchases / points / products / frequency and so on.

Gift Vouchers & Ordinances

Ability to automatically identify a caller,
customer category prioritization,
remote service & Delivery Service.

Evaluation & Categorization

Customer Evaluation & Categorization,
Groups, Pyramids, Futures Market Forecasts,
Sales, Orders etc.


Organization, speed and flexibility!

Commercial management becomes easy and understandable.
In addition, you can have the ideal electronic invoicing in your business.

  • Automated Operation
  • Statistical Tools
  • Forecast Tools
  • Full Reports – Prints
  • Warehouse Keeping – Inventory
  • Connection with External
    Applications & Hardware

BackOffice Management

BackOffice management environment of all functions without affecting the Front mode.

Online Checking

Online management platform and Remote control of stores.

Call Center Delivery

Interface with Call Center application for caller identification, categorization, map and so on.