Electronic invoicing
on a tank

Seldi Group with many years of experience in the construction & engineering of systems for gas stations, presents SoftTruck.

The integrated electronic pricing system on tank SoftTruck, is the ideal solution to operate your tank according to current legislation, with specialized software based on the actual working conditions in the tank.

Easy to use, simplifies complex and time consuming procedures and eliminates the possibility of error in all critical functions (IFESTOS, code DEI, Tank height, etc.)

SoftTruck with the appropriate configuration by us, can be used for different types of business and consists of a state-of-the-art laptop with special software and commercial software, wireless & mobile internet connection, printer for issuing documents and tax mechanism, high protection case for its equipment.


Notebook Dell Core i5

Processor Type: Intel core i5
Screen Dimension: 14″
Operating system: Windows 10
Warranty: 1 Έτος

POS Receipt Printer

Model: Impact Printer RP76III
Print Speed: 4.4 lines/s
Print width: 76 mm
Interface: USB

Tax mechanism Type B

This tax mechanism (SamtecNext) can be used to interconnect multiple customer service points.

Industrial carrying case

Easy to use industrial carrying case, compact, which includes the equipment so that it is easier to carry and the equipment is safe.

Modem Router 4G

Wireless Maximum Speed: 300 Mbps
Ethernet Connections: LAN 4
* With Mobile Internet capability, always according to your needs.


Power Inverter 12/24v 250 WATT
The Inverter is used to power the system from the vehicle.


Some of the features:

  • Printing retail receipts
  • Printing by tax mechanism with marking
  • Printing of documents
  • Registration of customers with direct control of data (VAT number, electronic payment code, etc.)
  • Search for customers based on multiple criteria
  • Customer payment method selection
  • Ability to calculate values
  • Possibility to change or cancel a document
  • Possibility of reprinting a document (when provided by law)
  • Ability to display stocks (balances, tabs)
  • Ability to wait for the transaction
  • Automatic & immediate shipping to IFESTOS and AADE
  • Specialization in Goverment transactions / NGOs etc (multiple branches in one VAT number)
  • Online electricity number validation check (DEI)
  • Tank height
  • Route map, show stores on google maps
  • Registration of orders
  • Ready to connect with electronic tank metering systems
  • Laptop, latest technology
  • Document printer
  • Tax mechanism
  • 4G Modem Router
  • Compact industrial carrying case
  • Inverter